Fast Facts For Physicians

Alcohol Addiction Facts:

  • Alcohol dependence is the most under-treated condition in American healthcare
  • Less than 10% of patients receive adequate alcohol treatment care
  • 13% of all Americans will become addicted to alcohol in their lifetime
  • 25-40% of all general hospital beds (excluding ICU and maternity) are occupied due to conditions exacerbated by alcohol abuse
  • Each year, untreated alcohol addiction causes more than 100,000 deaths and millions of years of potential life lost
  • Alcohol addiction is a contributing factor in many physical and psychological conditions being treated by your practice
  • Traditional institutional drug and alcohol rehab programs fail to deliver long-term abstinence 86% of the time

ARC Patient Profile:

  • Ready for recovery
  • Committed to abstinence
  • Seeks alternative to 12 step
  • Seeks alternative to institutional rehabs
  • Primary addiction focus – alcohol
  • Male or female, 25-60 years old
  • Suitable for ambulatory detox
  • Seeks private pay, (half the cost of inpatient)

Accelerated’s Alcohol Treatment Program Differentiation:

  • 8 times more effective than traditional programs
  • Guarantee available
  • Outpatient with ambulatory detox
  • Focused on alcohol addiction.  No addiction treatment co-mingling of other addictions (opiates, stimulants, gambling, sex) and other maladaptive behaviors such as eating disorders and psychoses
  • Combined Recovery Protocol, proven to be the most effective treatment for alcoholism by the NIAAA COMBINE study
  • Vivitrol, Naltrexone (ReVia) and Campral (Acamprosate) used to eliminate cravings
  • Intensive cognitive behavioral therapy focused not only on alcohol addiction, but on life optimization; truly “flourishing”
  • Wellness management optimizes life balance
  • Customized holistic treatment plan
  • Continuity of medical, therapeutic and wellness care for up to one year
  • Use of Virtual Reality and Video to provide stronger continuity of care at client’s location
  • Upscale, appealing, comfortable, private setting
  • Financing available for up to 5 years.
  • Superbill provided to patient for submission to insurance carrier

To reach the MedPro HOTLINE dial:                1-888-SOBER-LIFE

To reach the patient HOTLINE dial:                 1-877-STOP-4-LIFE